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Amphora Consulting provides a totally engineered solution to Temporary Works Design to ensure that it can safely support and protect the structure during construction. Together with the appointed Temporary Works Contractor, we advise on build sequence, systems of work and equipment so that other activity does not damage or compromise the temporary works.

Temporary Works Design

As specialist temporary works design consultants, Amphora Consulting identifies, designs and delivers cost effective solutions for requirements of all project sizes and complexity. Our experience covers all types of projects and we provide engineered solutions for both contractors and sub-contractors.

Our area of expertise covers:

  • Inspections and Surveys
  • Detailed Design Drawings and Calculations
  • Permanent works used for temporary purposes during construction
  • CAT 3 Independent Design Checks
  • Propping, Shoring and Needling
  • Scaffolds for access
  • Working platforms for plant including cranes
  • Steel and Concrete Temporary Structures
  • Crane Bases
  • Piling Mats
  • Fa├žade Retention
  • Underpinning
  • Construction Sequence and Planning